Sunday, September 29, 2013


I always go over the one minute time frame, and even that's not enough to flesh out my ideas. But I suppose the point of the One-Minute Writer is to get you writing in the first place. (Any desire to continue doing so after the buzzer goes off is a happy addition.) The prompt was "stitch".

a stitch in time saves nine they say
nine stitches are more than one
but putting quality before quantity is key

my mom used to sew outfits when i was small
i remember one in particular that i wore to the zoo in oklahoma
(though i suppose the pictures do the remembering
so i can't claim credit for memorizing my past footsteps)
the outfit was shorts and a tank top made of a cotton blend
the fabric depicted ice cream cones, strawberry flavor
melting down the side of the cone
i don't think i ever wore the outfit again
(not even to an ice cream social)
and while there's no picture to confirm my suspicion
my embarrassment at the photos suggests that
it was a sibling's insults that caused the ice cream outfit
to melt to the ground
never to be picked up again.


ease your tired mind
i will erase your troubles
if you close your eyes.

i stack flat pillows
like pancakes. why buy new when
you're more comfortable?

counting sheep is hard
when the pillow under you
died six months ago.

One thing is clear: I need to go pillow shopping. Thank you, Haiku Heights, for the prompt.


This blog was created with the intent to write about's word of the day...daily. I'm among the worst as far as consistency is concerned, but I'm going to try taking it one day at a time. (I need a 12 Step Program for compulsive procrastinators.) Enough prologue; onward!

contrail / KON-treyl \ noun

a visible condensation of water droplets or ice crystals from the atmosphere, occurring in the wake of an aircraft, rocket, or missile under certain conditions
I craned my little neck as far back as I could, desperate to admire the intersecting contrails above the airport but unwilling to dirty my new pink dress.

Friday, September 27, 2013

mustard + haiku = maiku

Obtained from nuspickle.blogspot. Before that? I dunno.

gold explodes across 
the treeline and my shirt's stripes;
last barbecue this season?

Thanks to Haiku Heights for the prompt.