Saturday, August 25, 2012


Too afraid to stand and fight;
Too much pride to fly away.
Cowardice: immobilize
Egos lacking skill to play!
Games of conflict can’t be played
By those afraid to deal a hand.
Flightless birds avoid their call
Ostriching heads in the sand. 

Thanks, Trifecta for the prompt, which requested an animal name be used as a verb. I figured I might as well ignore the dictionary and make my own...flightless birds have always intrigued me, anyhow.

Monday, August 13, 2012


if you say you're gonna follow the dashed line on the highway of life
and keep straight, never stumbling or straying from the route for a second,
your life will be a failure.

life isn't about doing everything right, not making a single mistake.
it's about making mistakes then getting up and brushing yourself off
after you stumble or fall.

and besides, in your imperfect moments,
memorable things happen --
who would wanna miss those?

hearing voices

i hear you calling my name
your voice reaches through the darkness
but somehow it isn't the same
because we're not together anymore.

am i just hearing these things
inside of my head?
is my imagination my inspiration to sing
or is it something you actually said?

prophecy from my youth

she's been my best friend forever.
so when they told me she would die,
i hadn't though it'd happen -- never! --
it wasn't enough to stay and cry.

so i ran away from it all.
i ran away with no call.
i ran, left my problems behind.
but what will i do when there's more i find?

i found you, i love you so much.
maybe your feelings weren't the same.
before i even received your touch,
you dropped me as fast as i came.

so i ran away from it all.
i ran away with no call.
i ran, left my problems behind.
but what will i do when there's more i find?

mom called today - oh, does she dare!
she talked, while i began to cry.
"i'm sorry, mom. i know you care,"
i knew what was right as i said "bye."

so i ran back to it all.
i ran back after the call.
i ran to the place i came from.
and now i know i'll never be as dumb.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


why does my body hold you
when my mind named you an obstacle
before your hurdle was laid in my path?
i know you're unnecessary --
an expansion pack I don't need --
yet you still linger in my cells
(like a dormant pathogen)
after all this time.

 it's been a year almost
and your mystique still enchants me
and i hope without Hope's blessing
that my essence sleeps
in your subconscious too.
awakening when you least expect it
and impeding your momentum
when forward is the only option.

we hold each other stagnant;
by clinging to the hypothetical
we distance ourselves from the plausible.
our coloring sheets were never intended
to be more than black-and-white.
why do i cling to the possibility of nothingness
that "us" entails?
i'm addicted to you though i've never partaken.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

my tired mind cannot compose a phrase more eloquent than prose

Only half of my brain is ready to succumb to sleep. There’s more to complete before I close my eyes! This is all very strange because I’m on vacation – seems I need a vacation from my vacation. I’ve composed a list of interesting panels for an upcoming geek convention. I’ve a list of books to read. Also a list of people to visit, a list of places to see, a list of stores to visit, a list of songs to practice on my parents’ out-of-tune piano, a list of thank-you notes to write…and only a finite amount of time. (Zzz.) Thanks to Velvet Verbosity, in spite of her decision to close the link hops I am just now getting around to posting. Sigh.