Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Exiled from Pangea

I don't quite feel ready to jump into a writing prompt, so I'm returning to vocabulary-expanding tasks. To challenge myself today, a week of words tossed together.

There was really no reason for the intergalactic dust-bunnies to coalesce. But there was someone shuffling his feet through carpeted corridors somewhere, an aumildar whose static energy convinced them to join forces and birl around one particular star. In the exordium, aggregate particles were content to reside in a heterogeneous world. But the couthie conditions did not last; Sea soon sought to differentiate itself from Land, eroding those who would not acquiesce to the distinction. Land struggled to retain its oneness, but Sea's intrusion upon the soil of Pangea would prove unsurmountable. Land began to divide itself into pseudonymous segments. Over time, even violescent mountains' majesty was torn from amber waves of grain. Today, division is so ingrained in our minds that we advert on difference, blind to the sameness that inhabits it. We were exiled from Pangea, but is it possible we can regain some of what we lost?
  1. exordium: the beginning of anything.
  2. advert: to remark or comment; refer
  3. violescent: tending to a violet color.
  4. couthie: agreeable; genial; kindly.
  5. aumildar: a manager or agent.
  6. birl: to spin or cause to rotate.
  7. pseudonymous: bearing a false or fictitious name.