Tuesday, April 27, 2010


time washes over me
one day becomes the next
i go through the motions
and mute my brain

money becomes the goal
and i only move to attain it
no thought required now
i trust in my acquired instincts

life is boring, but
i don't know any better
i've been in this rut much too long
to succumb to boredom

part of me fears
i've lost another part of me
and exchanged self for something
i cannot name

who am i?
who can say.
where am i?
if i only knew

one leads to the other
like a string to a kite
or a cord to a lightbulb
or a seed to a flower

i cannot grow
i cannot move
i cannot change
until i find it


what to say
when the words have no meaning
what to do
when it's all an act
who to be
when faces are smooth
and eyes are blank
and hearts are empty

i have words
devoid of meaning
i have sounds
which fall on deaf ears
my tongue incapable
of conveying meaning
all that i have to express myself
is an empty heart
blank eyes
and a smooth face


class in 7 minutes
i don't want to be there
i don't want to be here
where can i go?

what good would it do
to change things?
what makes shaken
better than stirred?

gradual change
is no change at all.
upward mobility is nothing
if i've got to take the stairs.

words are irrelevant
if they're foreign
legibility and comprehensibility
does not eliminate reprehensibility.

i do not
lack passion
i love, a little, sometimes
but never enough.

the love that flows in
is never matched by the flow out
and i will explode
i need an outlet.

popping a balloon
makes lots of sound
and destroys the form
yet disperses the pressure

Pack Rat

why hold the past
when the future is
ripe with possibility?

why hold rotten fruit
when the tree is ripe
with possibilities?

why hold possibility
when accomplishment
is there, waiting?

why stand here
when feet move
and i ache to run?