Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Very uninspiring work here. Did I use up all my creative energies in my haiku post or do I just not care about socks? I'm thinking I'll try a different topic...or perhaps shift over to some prose next.

I still must give kudos to The One-Minute Writer, whose prompts never fail to get my fingers flying across the keys. (Any deficiencies in writing style are completely on my shoulders.)

i've never really cared for socks.
sure they're necessary 
(unless you like stinky shoes and slimy feet)
but i'd rather grab a pair of shoes that don't require them.
flip-flops in winter weather are fine
so long as you maintain that summer pedicure.
i suppose if i have to wear socks
i'll pick a pair with arch supports 
and try to convince myself i'll wear them at the gym.
i'm drawn to colors and patterns at the bargain bin
and they're sure easier to match on laundry day
but i'd much rather skip them altogether.
i could use my sock drawer for something more enjoyable
more fancy underwear, perhaps?
sock socks sockss.

I suppose I'll try some prose for a minute and see if that helps on the given topic.

My mother used to dress me up in fancy Easter dresses and little socks with lace around the trim. Pictures at holiday time were always so polished, compared to the life we were living. Not to say there was any serious disturbance going on in the house, just the ordinary dysfunction of a family with four kids.

One minute is really not enough time to get anywhere with prose. But I suppose that realization is supposed to prompt you to continue with your exploration outside of the timer. But I really don't have any big memories tied up with socks, so I'm finding the subject a little lacking in this case. I'll try again tomorrow.


Thank you, Haiku Heights, for the initial prompt: "crooked". Classical music streaming through my speakers, autumn streaming through my window...I found myself drawn off the intended path today. But no matter; there's wisdom here!

your crooked smile is
a sapling's bend in a breeze --
unassuming grace.

live in the moment,
do not fear tomorrow's ire,
cherish yesterday.

as Summer's heart slows
leaves cling to dying branches.
Live well to the end.

learn to cherish life's
beautiful fragility.
beautiful, too: death.

embrace the unknown,
respect the unknowable,
chase the mystery.

obsess not over
a temporal permanence.
live life and accept.

at least strive to grasp
an enduring acceptance
of what you can't change.

inside, cultivate

a vulnerability
that feels every shifting wind
even when you turn your cheek

do not fear death -- mere
doesn't dictate life.

summer's end foretold,
strength pools beneath Mother's breast.
sleep and dream of more


a cord connected
physically what love linked first.
joined forever, us.

sometimes we bicker:
two minds, two bodies, distinct.
love mutes distinction.

i don't phone enough.
but i call to you
with every thought.

Thank you to Haiku Heights for today's prompt: "mother".